New features of ANITA EZ Remote Control Tablet

17 July 2018

As you already know, ANITA EZ can now be fully remotely controlled, by means of a Tablet! In fact, up to four (4) ANITAs can be simultaneously supervised so that necessary interventions can be made from a distance, thanks to a specially designed Wi-Fi connection and appropriate algorithms.

Applying these innovative features, the MRO will be now able to increase automation & data exchange in manufacturing and repair technologies, or, in other words, make steps towards the so-called Industry 4.0.

Indeed, GMI is now developing the necessary software and hardware adaptors to connect ANITA EZ to the central IT network of a repair facility, through Wi-Fi, applying any encryption requested standards. Special software is also under development to make visible basic data of the curing process (TBD by the end-user) . “PANOPTES” is expected to reduce the intervention time in case of problems during curing, while further strengthening quality control procedures.

Looking forward to hearing from you and remaining at your disposal for any additional information or support required.

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