STEVIK SAS – is a French company, manufacturer and supplier of ancillary materials, equipment and tools for manufacturing of
composite parts.
Founded in 2010, STEVIK SAS is established as a solid partner in the EU, CIS states and Asia.
We annually participate in international exhibitions, are dynamicaly developping ourselves
and are conquering new markets. As a regular practice, our company takes part in
scientific conferences and seminars.
Our business strategy is to anticipate market developments and to provide our customers
with high-tech products in compliance with the most demanding requests.
Our work is guided by individual approach to each Customer and aiming only at
successful result during solving of any issue.
We actively participate to development of new materials and equipment
and own some patents for its developments.
Thus, our wide range of products is constantly replenished with new
advanced materials to support requirements in the field of
high-technologies in production.