SK2TM180-1Epoxy gel coat 180 °CBlackTooling materialsMSDS_TM180-1
SK2TM170-1Epoxy resin for infusion 170 °CBrownishTooling materialsMSDS_TM170-1
SK2TM92-1Tooling board with metal filler 092 °CGreyBoards and adhesivesMSDS_TM92-1
MM-TM70-RIM Set of technological tool – master-model for composite skin tool manufacturing in resin infusion technology according to the Specification of the customer070 °CGreyMaster models materialsMSDS_MMTM70-RIM
SK2TM60-1Polyurethane board for master models060 °CPinkBoards and adhesivesMSDS_TM60-1
SK2TM60-2Epoxy adhesive for bonding of boards SK2TM60-1060 °CDark AmberBoards and adhesivesMSDS_TM60-2
SK2TM75-4Polyurethane board for master models075 °CBrownBoards and adhesivesMSDS_TM75-4
SK2TM75-5Epoxy adhesive for bonding075 °CLight brownBoards and adhesivesMSDS_TM75-5
SK2TM90-1Polyurethane machinable slab090 °CLight blueBoards and adhesivesMSDS_TM90-1
SK2TM65-1Two-component compound for master model build-up065 °COff greyTwo-component compoundMSDS_TM65-1
SK2TM70-4Two-component compound for master model build-up070 °CGreyTwo-component compoundMSDS_TM70-4
SK2TM75-6Two-component compound for master model manufacturing and mold build-up075 °CGreyTwo-component compoundMSDS_TM75-6
SK2TM80-1Polyurethane tooling board for master-model190 °CGreenBoards and adhesivesMSDS_TM80-1
SK2TM80-2Adhesive for polyurethane boards080 °CPinkBoards and adhesivesMSDS_TM80-2
SK2TM80-3Hard epoxy surface coat for board SK2TM125-1080 °C-Boards and adhesivesMSDS_TM80-3
SK2TM125-1Epoxy tooling board for master-model125 °CBlueBoards and adhesivesMSDS_TM125-1
SK2TM125-2Adhesive for epoxy board SK2TM125-1 and SK2TM125-3125 °CBlueBoards and adhesivesMSDS_TM125-2
SK2TM200-5High temperature master-model board200 °C Light yellowBoards and adhesivesMSDS_TM200-5
SK2TM200-6Adhesive paste for bonding boards of prototype tool200 °CLight yellowBoards and adhesivesMSDS_TM200-6
SK2TM130-1Epoxy laminating system by infusion130 °CAmberBoards and adhesivesMSDS_TM130-1
SK2TM190-1Curing Epoxy Tooling Prepreg190 °C-Tooling materialsMSDS_TM190-1
SK2TM200-1Powdered mandrel material for mixing with water before use200 °CWhiteTooling materialsMSDS_TM200-1
SK2TM200-3Epoxy resin system for infusion200 °CAmberTooling materialsMSDS_TM200-3
SK2TM200-8Polyester filler for repairing the surface of the mould200 °CVariesTooling materialsMSDS_TM200-8
SK2TM200-2Water soluble fugitive core material ready to use200 °CWhiteMaster models materialsMSDS_TM200-2
SK2TM200-4Spray-/brushable seal for mandrel200 °CBlueMaster models materialsMSDS_TM200-4
SK2TM200-7Block for manufacturing of mandrel200 °CLight greyMaster models materialsMSDS_TM200-7
SK2TM200-9Paste for filling, bonding or patching200 °CWhiteMaster models materialsMSDS_TM200-9
SK2TM200-11Styrene Free Polyester Gel Coat200 °CClear beigeTooling materialsMSDS_TM200-11
SK4CV-1Carbon veil with PVA binder-BlackTooling materialsMSDS_CV-1
SK4CV-2Carbon veil with styrene soluble polyester binder-BlackTooling materialsMSDS_CV-2
SK4CV-3Carbon veil with cross-linked polyester binder-BlackTooling materialsMSDS_CV-3
SK4CV-4Carbon veil with cross-linked styrene acrylic binder-BlackTooling materialsMSDS_CV-4
SK4GV-1Glass veil-WhiteTooling materialsMSDS_GV-1